Your First Visit

The Initial Consultation

Your first visit will run 45-60 minutes.


Visiting the chiropractor for the first time is critical in discussing your personal health concerns. We will ask you to fill out a health profile questionnaire to help us understand your health needs. Our doctor will conduct a thorough health history and obtain information about your current and past medical issues.

Bring any necessary medical records, MRI reports, and or X-ray reports with you.


Our chiropractor will then perform a physical examination to assess your condition, which may includes postural assessment, neurological tests, functional tests, orthopaedic tests, soft tissue and joint assessment, and computerized gait analysis. The main goal of the examination is to reproduce your symptoms and find out how they relate to your problems.

Clinical Impressions

Information from medical history and physical examination is critically analyzed and used to determine the root causes of your problems. Our objective is to determine the exact structures responsible for your pain and in what way it is irritated or damaged due to biomechanical limitations. We will provide you with detailed explanations about your conditions, possible causes, personalized treatment plan and Rehabilitation protocol. We will also address any questions or concerns about your condition or treatment plan.


Treatment plans vary from one patient to another, since we are all unique, we will respond differently to the same treatment protocol. Customized treatment will consist of traditional chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue therapies, physical modalities and Rehabilitation exercise prescription to support the recovery and prevent future reoccurrence. It is very important to comply with the treatment plan in order to obtain the best results for your recovery.

Subsequent Visits

We monitor your progress regularly. Each subsequent visit includes ongoing assessment of your condition. Any necessary modifications to your treatment plan will be recommended. Regular follow-up visits generally take approximately 15-20 minutes.