Phase 1: Relief Care

After your injury, our first goal is to reduce symptoms that may include pain, swelling, bruising or reduced range of motion.

In this first phase of care, timing is crucial in determining treatment outcomes. The main goal is to reduce your symptoms as soon as possible. Sometimes this will require daily visits, or two to three visits per week.

Many people will "wait and see" before seeking any help. The critical period is the first 72 hours after injury, which is the first three days. Delayed treatment will have a profound impact in your recovery time.

While pain is the most common symptom driving people to seek treatment, it is a very poor indicator of optimal health. In fact, many chronic conditions do not necessary have pain, but interfere with the body's ability to function at maximum potential. Frequent pain and other symptoms only appear after a disease or other condition has advanced greatly.

During and after your first phase of care, you will have reduced symptoms and will be ready to progress to more active care.